not war

Tactical Action Committee

promotes a better world!

Take it to the street's

Number of Occupy protesters arrested counter

Return Government to "We the People"

not war

Hello America, My name is Victor Roberts

I'm the Founder and CEO of T.A.C NOV-7-2011

I started this page because America needs a change & we need it now. One night on oct-8-2011 i was walking the street's of Mpls over night i couldn't sleep & i want bye the government center & was wondering what's going on & all this people on the north side plaza of the government center so i want about my business for the night & want to sleep at Olson hwy. the next morning oct-9-2011 i want back & ask them what's going on and they told me we are occupying. I go for what? the middle class,poor,homeless we are the 99% the 1% is the rich & the wealth. so i was like I'm joining you. a few day's want bye & i meet the person that started doing march's at night & they shade this is the tactical action committee group so i was like sweet let's go. A mouth want bye & i told that person I'm starting a web-page for the group & he shade go for it. So has of nov-7-2011 is was on.


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